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The Seven Silly Eaters

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"The Seven Silly Eaters", written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Marla Frazee, is an entertaining look on what would happen with seven picky eaters in one household. It's very sweetly illustrated and everything is written in rhyme, which makes it more enjoyable for young listeners.

However, the theme of the book leaves something to be desired. The children each have one food that they particularly enjoy, and the mother becomes progressively more frazzled as she tries to do it all. In the pictures, you can also see the house becoming messier and the mother giving up on her hobby of cello playing as she has more and more demanding children. At the end, they resolve the problem by combining all their favorite foods to make a cake, which then becomes everyone's favorite food.

The problem lies in that children can't eat cake for every meal; let alone one certain food all the time. The mother, although described as sweet and kind, by the end of the book was so frazzled she has a meltdown. The book does provide a basis for discussion with children about the value of helping mom out. You could also talk about how to handle frustration and the value of eating more than one thing.

My preschoolers did enjoy this book; I was irked by it. I personally would not choose to own this book. If you're willing to discuss this book with your children, it's a cute read.