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The Simpsons Movie

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The Simpsons Movie. When I first saw this trailer, I was barely interested at all. I had low expectations and was sure it was going to be a failure. I'm not stupid, I knew it would be a box office success no mater what, but I was sure it would be received poorly. I was an old fan of the Simpsons, but felt the series was on a bit of a decline, so I was sure the movie wasn't going to be good. I was going to just rent it with a movie exchange at blockbuster when it came out on DVD. My grandfather came over to visit me for my birthday, and he took me to see a movie. I suggested Transformers, and he suggested The Simpsons Movie, so I decided that if that's what he wanted to see, then that's what we would see. We bought our tickets and went in

The movie opened interestingly. The plot of the movie is that Springfield finds out that their lakes are so polluted, it's deadly. They work together to clean up, but oh so expectedly, Homer in all his genius dumps something in the lake to make it even more polluted than before! This causes Springfield to become labeled the most polluted town in america which forces President Arnold Schwarzenegger (who looks and sounds like he's just McBain in a brown wig) to take action. He chooses to put a giant glass dome over Springfield which stops everyone and everything from entering or leaving the town. The Simpsons, of course, escape this, they'd have to because, well, they're The Simpsons! Duh! How they escape, I won't reveal, just incase you're interested in the movie and haven't seen it yet.

This movie does things that you'd never see in the series, such as Homer giving the uncensored middle finder with both hands, an fully exposing Bart's uncovered and uncensored, as Bart calls it, his doodle. This isn't really much of a problem at all though, unless you're one of those extremely uptight super PC types. If you're not, you'll probably get over the initial shock in about 1.5 seconds and get a chuckle out of it. This movie has its moments, some good jokes and has many of the characters from the series, however it disappointingly has a lack of Sideshow Bob. One of the best parts of the movie, however was I noticed a guy a few yards away from my seat had fallen asleep and was snoring! This movie exceeded my expectations, and actually turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Was it the great epicness that a movie that fans have been waiting over a decade for should have been? Unfortunately no, but fortunately I knew it wouldn't be, so I wasn't too disappointed by that. I think that if you're a bog fan of The Simpsons, you'll most likely enjoy this more than I did, but if you're not, just give it a rental when it comes out on DVD