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The Sims 2

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Catherine Henderson By Catherine Henderson on
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The Sims 2 has become a very popular simulation game on PCs all around. It is not only entertaining but very addictive as well. The Sims 2 is a game based on life. You control your character in the game and are given a wide variety of options to choose from as far as buying or building a house, paying bills, getting a job, starting a family and more.

With EA's many expansion packs that have been released for the Sims 2, they have topped life based simulation games by a long shot. Expansion packs include add-on's for clothing, furniture, pets, businesses, a dating scene, buying cars, etc. It seems as though they never quite run out of ideas but instead, keep improving the game even when we think that they could do no more.

The only downside to this product is the fact that since it is so addictive and since the expansions are so highly sought after you are looking at spending a couple hundred dollars on the game plus all of the expansion packs.

There are certain themes of a mature nature in this game not recommended for young children such as "Whoo-Hoo"ing with another Sim (character) which is basically a clip of two Sims tumbling around under the covers with a flash of a leg here and there. A female Sim can then get pregnant after choosing this action which will increase her belly and cause her to have morning sickness. After you have your baby, if you don't treat it right, Child Services can remove your child.

Seems as though no detail is left ouf of this game. They cover every aspect of life down to the nitty-gritty. The Sims 2 definitely adds hours worth of fun and entertainment to the life of any PC gamer. Not only are you getting to control your fantasy life but you are also experiencing through a game just how frustratingly difficult being an adult can be at times. I would definitely recommend this game to any PC simulation gamer.