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The Sims 2: Castaway Nintendo Wii

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Wayne Wilkins By Wayne Wilkins on
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if YOU were that person stranded on that desert island, and only had your minimal knowledge of survival and the safety and tools that nature provides to use to somehow survive and possibly make it home alive?

Well; now you can LIVE that fantasy in real time, and what better way to live out that fantasy than on a console which enables you to do so oh so freely?

The Sims: Castaway is a spin-off from the generic Sims games that we have all came to know and love, and even if you have not loved the past games, I am quite certain and positive that this game is something that everyone will enjoy, because lets face it, we have ALL, at some point, had that specific fantasy and thought of what you would do if you were forced on a desert island and had to fight to survive and attempt to find your way back home, and the Nintendo Wii console lets us experience that specific fantasy like no other Simulation game has ever even came close to.

When you choose to start the game, you have to create a boat crew. This is where you personalise your Sims. You can create a family, you can create friends or you can go with the original crew (but where is the fun in that?) I recommend personalising your crew so it means something to you; maybe friends, girlfriend or family? Once you have chosen your crew, you then start your adventure.

The weather is beautiful as you are sailing your leisure vessel through the calm oceans, then all of a sudden a storm appears in the distance, as you panic, you realise there is no time for help as the storm rips through your boat! You black out. When you awaken, you are alone on a deserted beach, the sounds of animals in the distance. You can sense the wreckage of a boat is nearby, but you also sense that another storm may approach at anytime, so the first logical thing for you to do would be to find food and create a shelter. This is the games way of familiarising you with the controls and what you will have to do during the game, I just decided to add a creative edge to it.

I will not give away anymore of the story, but along your quest you will come into contact with your crewmembers and strive to get off the Island, but survival is your main objective. Maybe some monkey friends can help you?



They are what you would expect from a Sims game, although I personally enjoyed these graphics much more than I did the previous Sims games. They had a nice, realistic touch, obviously to add to the general feel of being stranded on an Island.



While the music score is not very good, the general sound effects make this game more than worthwhile to play. From animal noises to the ripples of the water, it all adds to the all around experience of the game.



After a while you would think it would get repetitive, but seriously, I have never got bored of this game since I have owned it. It is an all around experience compared to the PS2 version, the enhancements of the Wii and the general freedom make it so much fun to play.



Overall, my favourite Sims game to date, and while the story may be a little bit short, if you spread the gameplay out and do not rush, you will do just fine!