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The Sims 2 Freetime

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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Well my sims were getting bored of the same things over and over again. So I went out and purchased for them this awesome expansion pack called freetime.Freetime now adds hobbies such as sports, cuisine, nature, fitness, arts&crafts, literature &film and others for our sims to take up and pursue interest in and gain enthusiasm. When the sims become good in one hobby they will be invited to join a secret club just for that hobby. Other hobby which is interesting is tinkering sims can get a thing to remodel and build their own car with. they get sewing table, and a pottery wheel . There is also a cooking contest where the sims can win a blue ribbon if their dish is the best in the contest kind of reminds me of a sims 2 version of iron chef or throwdown with bobby flay which are both popular contest like cooking tv shows on the foodtv network where there is a competition cooking with judges included. the sims can also with the nature hobby collect bugs, watch birds, With the Science hobby they can explore through the telescope and discover new stars, planets, constellations etc. .There is endless possilbities with this pack and for those with open for buisiness you can even sell the new crafts from the pottery wheel, the car you rebuilt, or some of your sewing crafts . You can even add a customized radio station now. Watch movies on a new tv. So much to do i won't spoil the rest for you . other then tell you to go out and discover it for yourself the new creature included in this pack was a Genie which you can only use 3 times like and he will grant your sims wishes over use him or the wrong way and your sims wish may backfire causing things to happen like a burglar to find out bout your sims wishes for money and rob the sims house etc.

check out this pack your sims and you will not be bored when they have freetime.

the sports included are basketball, sockker, football and tossing a baseball around. so that gives the guys something to look foreward to if they aren't interested in sewing and pottery portion of this expansion pack.