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The Sims 2 Hm Fashion Stuff

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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This is a new trend amoungst the sims 2 franchise as of last year when this Pack came out. To use real name brand items in the game. Such as the case with the free downloadable ford cars over at www.thesims2.ea.com, recently they added the Ikea home stuff to the lineup . This pack here I am reviewing entitled H&M Fashion stuff adds some nice new clothing to the sims with some nice new more modern trendy aspects to them as a big clothing manufacturer like this would. Our sims go from looking shabby to looking cool and hip. I like the addition of some of the wallpapers and floor tiles so I can build my own fashion store for my sims to shop in downtown and sell with my open for buisiness option. You can even have a mach fashion show using some the new build mode objects and showcase some of the new clothing you make etc for your sims in body shop that way. I liked this stuff packs addition to our sims however they could of included more clothing for the guys then what they did and for other age groups as well . I am not too famliar with H&M but heard about them through the sims 2 game if we ever get the h & M line up by me i would definitly check it out cause I like how it looks on my sims I can imagine in real life its just as good looking too. I think its brilliant on Ea's part including stuff for our sims to play with on a computer game that is actually made in real life too such as the case with ikea so if hey i like how it looks in the game I bet it would look good in real life as well and go buy it kind of a thing clever marketing stragey there with the ikea and H&M stuff packs .very brilliant idea.

overall i like it go check this one out as well. specially if you want some new clothing and cool things for sims gals to go out in with their dates etc.