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The Sims 2 Nightlife

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In This expansion pack for the sims 2 we follow our sims out on dates. We get to meet up with some pretty interesting NPCs such as the old prude/Miss Crumplebottom, Some may remember her from the Sims 1 Hot Date expansion pack . She's funny she will hit your sim with her purse for even so much as flirting with his date she goes psycho if your sims whoo hoo in the photobooth or kiss even in public. That saying there are a new vast array of objects including the photobooth, driveable cars, dance sphrere, karoke machine.There is another NPC you can meet downtown Vampires, If your sim has a high influenence level which I will mention later this is another status bar they added if your sim gets high enough influence with other sims etc when you're talking to a vampire there will be a interaction to bite your sim this will let your sims become a vampire, sleep in a coffin, avoid the day, bite other sims turn them into vampires, and even turn into a bat to fly around a lot hey it beats walking ay. If for some odd reason you don't want your sims to be a vampire you may also buy a potion from the matchmaker gypsy and turn it back to a regular sim .Matchmaker Gypsy is another NPC she's for your hopelessly romantic sim who can't get nobody to go out with him or her .Watch what you pay the gypsy when getting a date or you will end up with a crappy date. There is two options going out with a group now or going out just to have fun without doing the date thing. With dates you gotta keep your sims in plumblob over his/her head in the blue or you will have your date not have such a good time and not want to see you again. IF you succeed and get a good date you get a letter thanking you from your date for the evening. If its a really really good date they will give you gifts for the dream date. However and anice thing if the dates go well you can end up getting engaged and having the sim of your dreams marry you sim and be with them throughout life. This adds a Downtown area to take your sims shopping to, buy perfume clothing etc. Adds nice touches for lot buildiers to make their own Restaraunts, diners etc. Has some nice decor and styles as well with this pack . This one seems to be the most popular of the packs and most favored and when you buy it for your sims 2 collection you'll see why.

Update On Jul 07, 2008: also forgot to mention here your sims can even go bowling in this . out dancing etc. in all they can have a great time with this pack lots of fun for them and the player watching them have a good time .