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The Sims 2 Open For Business

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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For those of us who enjoy building little shops and businesses and such on our sims 2 this is probably one o fthe best expansion packs for that. IT also allows our poor little sims another way to earn money everything from selling stuff from a home business such as a lemonade stand on the front lawn yes even the adult sims can use this object believe me I tried it while it looked hilarious at first it helped earn a little bit of simoleons for my sim.There is also some new crafting benches to add some more toys and some other things to our sims game. There is a toy bench, a robotics bench, and a flower crafting bench. Our sims now can earn talent badges for when they are good at something such as with robotic bench and thus opening up more options and things they can make using that bench.There are lots of new objects. You can run all sorts of businesses everything from a electronics store, to furniture, heck you can even open up a store and just sell toilets or something and make simoleons with that. You can run a toy store, bakery, flowershop, and even a barber/hair salon with the new chair. All though at first the makeovers you give other sims might anger them lol. There is a object that you can place to make sims pay to use objects in your home. You can run a buisiness downtown, blue water village(a sub neighborhood included to get us started), or within the community. There's so many possilibties i wanna leave you with saying youll have to see for yourself. Special note you can note add a robot to your family using the robotics crafting bench Servo either a male or female and they act as a family member and make great butlers and servants I might add . They are my fave NPC todate actually .

ITs one fun expansion pack I recommend this to us lot builders and sim players .The fun Factor and creativity alone you get from this pack makes it worth getting .