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The Sims 2 Seasons

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This time around our sims are given a change of seasons just like in real life .There is a spring, summer, fall and winter. You notice the water too in this pack is looking better more reflective and more realistic with thus said I would recommend a Nvidia in 6800- up to 8 series or so to handle this. or Ati equal to . It is really beautiful and very demanding of the system pack . The sky in the spring will have a spring look to it, winter it will be more grey and dismal like in real life, fall more golden colors, and in summer well you know summer nice sunny look. Oh in this pack you can GARDEN in it. grow vegetables, fruits, orchard trees. Your sim can get talent badges for being good at gardening, Win a gardening show and get a special well for their yard they can wish outta if their gardens look really really good. They can also go fishing. Oh let me say before i forget Plant sims if you get to HEAVY with the insecticide your sim will transform in to a plant sim and if they dont' like that again there is a special formula to buy to switch them back to a sim. There is a penguin that will visit your lot if your sims builds a snowman or has alotta fish laying around that they fished and left laying on their lot etc. Again you can go fishing each talent badge you earn opens up a new lure and possible new species of fish to catch . Juicer your sim can buy a juicer and harvest many different powers from their veggies and orchard fruit etc. Your sim can now suffer from exposure to the sun heat stroke, sunburns, hyperthermia, frostbite etc. Your sim can also rely on nature to take care of his or her bug problems using a lady bug house this expansion pack also teaches bout composting and us people out here how to "save the enviroment" CAUSE IN OUR sims garden options you can add a composting bin its nice to have that option instead of our sims throwing it all away they can use it to compost and grow better and fresher vegetables. You can also build a greenhouse so you can have tomatoes even in the winter. Sorry but in the winter our fruit trees go dormant i dont' believe they can fit in the greenhouses maybe they can I haven't tried this option yet. This is one of the most beautifying of the packs they have made and a must have for all sims 2 players its the most favored pack amoungst us simmers as there is so much it adds to the game the having weather and seasons gives a sorta realism to the game minus the plant sim though ..

check it out if you like to add weather and winter to your game. if you want your sims to rake leaves jump in leaf piles, burn them even lol careful with tht option . also watch out just like in real life when there's a storm trees can catch on fire i recommend a little tip here PLACING FIRE ALARMS outside of your sims 2 house i just lost a sim gal to a lighting incident cause of carelessness on my part .

this pack is overall fun and again beautiful i keep repeating that cause it is you gotta see it for yourselves i recommend a Geforce 7600gs thats what i use even on a old dell and my sims runs at recommended max specs this way and it looks extremely good. due to them making the water more realistic then it was. you may also need to get a higher card if you can't see your fish it due to pixels and shader things. that after open for buisiness seemed to be affected on certain video cards fish were invisible otherwise you wont' see your fish in the ponds here you build for your sims to fish outta.