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The Sims 3 Review

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By elhomer0 on
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When I started playing The Sims 3, it was 7:00 pm. When I looked again at the clock, it was 7:30 am. Then I discovered that I completely love The Sims 3! This game has no competition because it cannot has any comtetition! It is a glamourous game. There is one big difference from older version: In The Sims 2 your families were prisoned in one piece of land but in version 3 you can go to the neighboring house or to the nearby park, purchase something, discover the crooked streets, lonely bins and mountain lakes. It is great! Everything is happening in Sunset Valley, there is no more a choice of cities.There are many public buildings where we cannot see what is your Sim doing inside. This is therefore to be able to build The Sims 3 Bonus discs like in older versions of game. Another, slightly more interesting news is the system of properties. Each Sim has five properities and they affect what can be carried out in certain places, what is the satisfaction of both spoken and with their fellow citizens. There are lot of properties, for example, "surly", "nature lovers", "genius", "good"or "lazy". Depending on the combination of properties the player chooses, the form offers living objectives, from which it is necessary to choose one for which the sim is going. Properties also affect what is the wish of the day. It seems like the best game on the world but there is one thing that I don't like. It's the waiting game, where you prepare events and then just mindlessly looking to monitor. So try it yourself. Demo isn't available so you have to buy this nice game.