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The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack

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Hot Date is the third expansion pack that was made especially for the Sims 1 PC game. You need to have Sims 1 installed on your computer in order to play the Hot Date expansion pack, which is a big add on to the regualr Sims game.

Sims are all about playing little people in different situations. It wasn't easy for them to live their little lives and have some romance too, so EA Maxis came out with expansion packs that improved the original Sims PC game.

Sims need companionship or they will become lonely and depressed quite quickly. Hot Date is all about the love lives of these little people, so of course I had to buy it.

Hot Date gave my Sims a whole new area to explore called Downtown. Now they could actually go out on dates. Just like in real life, though, my Sims could get rejected and spend the night ordering Sim pizza and watching TV.

My Sim men could finally take their girlfriends to a fine dining place, a fast food place, or to a night club. They would order food, play pool, have a drink at the bar, or simply sit outside on a swing. Not all dates go well and that is part of the fun.

There are lots of new objects for your Sims to enjoy in Hot Date. Many of these things are geared toward lovers, but there is a fun fish pond that all my Sims enjoy. The lover's swing is a nice item to have downtown or even at my Sim's house. There is a special picnic basket date for the outdoorsy Sims. There is a cuddle couch for those special sweethearts. I love the love tub with its cute interactions.

There are also plenty of new objects to fill my downtown area. There are ice cream and hot dog stands, but don't look for the food to be very filling. It's sort of a waste of time.

What would downtown be without Townies? You have everything from the blonde bombshell to the lounge lizard. You can even ask them out and eventually marry them. I don't really like Townies though and some of mine have met with unfortunate circumstances.

I loved being able to have my Sims go shopping. They could buy clothes, flowers for their date, and even chocolates. These things would stay in their inventory until needed. Best thing about Hot Date, my guy Sims did not have to swim in pink Speedos anymore! They could buy new trunks! That is worth the expansion pack right there.

What I did not like about Hot Date was the personality topics. It seemed pointless. If you bought and read a magazine to gain a point in that particular interest, like cooking, your Sim would lose a point in another area. A waste of time, so I never bothered with it.

I really like Hot Date. I can't imagine not having it in my game. I was finally able to play my Sim couples in romantic atmospheres and hope for some of my lonely Sims to meet that special someone. I would definitely recommend Hot Date.