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The Sod Buster By Case

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Steve Collier By Steve Collier on
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As far back as I can remember, my father always carried a Case Knife around in his pocket that was always honed to a razor sharp edge. Although he preferred the two or three blade models, I've always used a Case Sod Buster Jr. because of the smooth edged handle that always felt very comfortable in my hand when I had to use it for something.

I became frantic when I lost my Case Sod Buster Jr. a few months ago because I wasn't sure if they were even being made anymore, let alone how much it would cost to replace it... I carried the same knife for over 20 years ! You can ask any man who has become accustomed to carrying a pocket knife, and he will probably tell you the same thing... You just feel a little naked without it... I suppose its a lot like getting used to wearing a watch all the time, then when you don't have it on, you are constantly looking at your wrist wondering what time it is... Not that it really matters and you don't have to be anywhere at any certain time... It's the fact you are used to having something that is no longer there and you miss it more than you actually realized.

For this reason I decided to try to find a replacement as soon as possible just to feel somewhat normal again. I was pleasantly surprised to find one in my local hardware store at a very reasonably price, (under $25 ) and now I no longer have the feeling something is missing. The shape and size are exactly the same, but somehow it doesn't feel quite the same, but perhaps after 20 or 25 years or so, it will start to feel like my old knife again... I'll have to admit it... Case makes the best knives I've ever seen.