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The Soul Keeper An Unnecessary Movie

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The soul keeperCast

Dr. Jung (IAN GLEN)

Sabina Spielrein (EMILIA FOX)




Directed by

Roberto Faenza

Written by

Gianni Arduini, Alessandro Defilippi, Roberto Faenza, Elda Ferri, Hugh Fleetwood, Giampiero Rigosi

With a not so famous cast, the Britisch-Italo-Frank production, from Roberto Faenza, tryes to be an important movie. Soon in the trailers it is notable the superiority in the directors attempt to sell it as an history-that-the-world-needs-to-know. The main character, Sabina, is shown as an example to be followed, an heroine of her time. An exciting (at least try to be) combination of intelligence, sex appeal and madness in one lunatic and misunderstood woman. Her mental disease is treated, for the first time with humanity by Jung, the young, married pupil of Freud. Jung has more than inspired her for sure, but the doctor's lack of professionalism is forgetten while Sabina becomes also a psychiatrist and uses the lessons learned to help troubled and disturbed children. Is there anything missing in her noble fugire? Oh sure, she died victim of nazism, a true martyr.

It seems that, if the subject is noble, a narrative that proves it is the right combination for a good movie, well... it's not. Even the talent of the young actress Emilia Fox in the role of Sabina, the sequence of scenes showing important moments in the life of the character, gives us the feeling that we're watching one of those Tv shows: The great characters of the twenthief scentury.

If it was all, The Soul Keeper would just be another mediocre movie hitting the same nazism drama, althoug the "original" contemporary subtrama where two researches found letters between the Sabina-Jung-Freud triangle, in wich they discover a "relevant" meaning of the young girl in Freud's works turn the whole thing into a bad and repeatitive movie. In short words, it's an unnecessary piece in your collection.