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The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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I am trying to own all the Classic stories ever written and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a must have in the collection. This classic was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. The story is only 88 pages long yet it is one of the most well known horror stories to ever be written.

The story is told by a Lawyer named Mr. Utterson. Mr. Utterson was called upon by Dr Jekyll to write his will in the case of something horrible happening to him. Throughout the story a Mr Hyde is commenting terrible and uncivilized acts around the city and no one seems to know who this Mr Hyde is or where he came from. On continuing his efforts in writing the new will for Dr Jekyll it is found out that Mr Hyde is staying at the Jekyll household or that at the Jekyll household knows him very well. The Lawyer, Mr. Utterson, turns detective when he feels that Dr Jekyll is making a huge mistake in leaving all that he owns to this scandalous man, Mr Hyde. In trying to contact Dr Jekyll and discuss this matter and the concerns that are arising, strange things seem to be happening in the Jekyll house hold. The servants are scared that something my be happening to their master, Dr Jekyll, and they are sure that Mr Hyde is behind it as he has been seen in the house. After an intervention occurs and the body of Mr Hyde is found inside the Doctors office a note is also found. In this note is Dr Jekyll's last words. It explains how an experiment was starting to control him more and more even without the potion that at first had to be drank to make the transition work. Dr Jekyll was losing his identity to this alter ego he had created through science untill he finally succumbed to it and lost.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is one of the best and famous scientific horror stories ever written. It is a reflection of something that is deep with in every one of us. The way we should act and that little bit of something in there that doesn't want to follow the rules. The fight against good and evil that is within all of us. We do not need a scientific potion to bring it out in us, just a little laps in self control could change our character. Would it change our looks or speech? It may, and we may not be recognisable to close friends after a time. That is what I feel makes this story timeless and it relates to all of us.

They time period in which this story was written may be challenging to understand to some readers. Victorian speech is a bit different then what we are used to in today's world.