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The Sudoko Sensations Game

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By ncmom on
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My daughter has always seemed to enjoy brain teaser type of games and puzzles so when Sudoko came out with promises of being the next game phenomenon I bought her the Parker Brothers version called The Sudoku Sensations Game.

It contains 100 original puzzles for up to four players and claims to be suitable for adults. It comes with four copies of every puzzle with each one being printed on a different colored paper. The puzzle is a numbers game in which you are shown a grid formed of 81 squares being divided into 9 sections. Each section contains a combination of already printed numbers and empty squares and players must fill in the empty squares so that every row, column and section contains the numbers 1 - 9 only. The box explains different scenarios in which you can compete with others or the clock in completing the puzzles. Exciting right?

She played one of the games at my house on Christmas day and was so bored by it that she left the game behind when she went home after our family celebration. Many times since I have tried to remind her to take her gift home with her but somehow it always gets left behind.

I guess she doesn't give this game a very high rating and I certainly don't think I would ever recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and interesting gift to give someone.