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The Suicide Club Another Japanese Horror Movie Review

Reviewing: Tokyo Shock Suicide Club (Dvd)  |  Rating:
By kasouyumi on
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The Suicide Club was an interesting movie. I found it very original and suspenseful. I really don't have much to say about, except that it was a tad bit weird since it revolved around a suicide cult and dealt with conspiracy. I might spoil some things for you, so if you haven't seen the movie and plan on doing so, then stop reading.

The story as I said was about a Suicide Club. The members are mostly Japanese, female, young, and displeased with life due to restrictions and hard school work. The club even has a website where members can visit and chat with each other. As the film goes a bit deeper into the story and the background of the Suicide club, you discover that its creator as actually a tranny-looking weirdo who sings and keeps sex slaves. Afterwards you discover that there really is no ‘club' to begin with. It was quite a freaky movie.

I think that this film is watchable. It has a weird twist to it and the actors were awesome. The scenes have a way of surprising people and the subjects of cults and suicide is important. It has a morality to the story: "Don't join cults; suicide is the coward's way out; and learn to love yourself as much as possible."