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The Super Composter Compost Bin: Disappointing

Reviewing: Garden Views 115 Gallon Super Composter Compost Bin  |  Rating:
alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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As an experiment, I buried my coffee grounds, egg shells and some dead leaves last fall, planted some tomatoes and carrots there in the spring, and I had a great harvest in the fall. So I went shopping for a compost bin, and I found the Garden View 115 gallon Super Composter at Lowe's for $50. The Super Composter looks like it would fit together a lot easier than it really did, and it would probably be best to use two people for that job. The sides use interlocking tabs at the corners that have to be slid into place at the perfect angle to catch all six tabs. Putting the Super Composter together was a frustrating experience in the first place. Then I discovered that when I tried to move the Super Composter, the interlocking tabs slid back out even with the braces that were supposed to hold them in place. Aarrghh!

There are four doors on the Garden View Super Composter, one on each side, and they slide up easily to give me access to the rotting organic material that's in there. The top is a hinged lid that I do like. I just press that orange button and the lid springs up. Then I can shut the lid when I'm done dumping my garbage in there and I don't have a problem with pests. On the con side, the lid doesn't let natural rainwater soak into the compost pile, so I have to either water the Super Composter regularly with a garden hose or leave the lid open to catch the rainwater.

I don't recommend buying the Garden View Super Composter. In my opinion, a Rubbermaid garbage can would be just as effective, a lot cheaper, and a lot less frustrating to try to put together.