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The Sweet Smell Of Christmas

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When looking for really good Christmas books to buy for my nephew, I wanted him to enjoy some of the favorites from my childhood. I was so happy to find that one of my absolute favorite books, The Sweet Smell of Christmas, was still available online. Our old worn out copy as shown in this photo actually belongs to my older brother who was born in 1978.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas is a scratch & sniff book written in 1970 by Patricia Scarry. The main characters are little bear, father bear, and mother bear. I love this book so very much. You are made to feel like part of the story. The illustrations by J.P. Miller are precious and timeless, even though the book was originally created almost forty years ago.

My favorite thing about this book is the scratch & sniff stickers. There are six nice sized stickers that are scented with sweet smells you might find around Christmas. I love how these holiday scents tie into the Christmas themed story.

No mince meat for this family, mother bear bakes an apple pie for the big day tomorrow and we get to smell it's cinnamon flavor. Father bear takes little bear out into the snowy forest in search of a pine tree to chop down. We take a whiff of that evergreen too! When the bear family hangs candy canes, we get to smell the sweet peppermint scent. The gingerbread man little bear bakes was one of my favorite scents to sniff. Next, mother bear makes hot chocolate for the carolers outside and we get to sniff the chocolatey scent wafting from a festive cup. Finally, when little bear races down the stairs on Christmas morning, he is not the only one to smell that fresh orange peeping out of his Christmas stocking.

My older brother loved this book to bits. So much so, that my mom had to find new stickers in similar scents and place these over the old ones so I could enjoy this book too.

Now, my nephew loves this book as much as everyone else in my family. If you are looking for a wonderful holiday book for children, the Sweet Smell of Christmas is an excellent choice.