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The Swiffer Wetjet

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By amcgowan on
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I personally hate mopping my floors as one an effective mop is heavy and hard to swing around. I do not like the light weight sponge mops as they wear out so easily in my household. Not to mention the two previously mentioned mops always seem to leave nasty streaks on my floors making them look like I had not mopped them at all. This is due to the dirty mop water just getting smeared all over the floor.

I purchased the Swiffer Wetjet mop to try it and see how it worked since I had used other Swiffer products in the past and had been completely amazed by them. The box said that it took 2 AA batteries so I picked those up before I left the store. The starter kit came with the mop, one bottle of cleaning solution and 2 cleaning pads. The scrub pad was already attatched to the side of the mop. I had to assembly the mop when I got it home and out of the box. Assembly really did not take a whole lot of effort so I did not mind assembling the mop.

I tried the mop out first in my kitchen and could not believe how easy it was to move the mop around, nor how clean it got my floors. Since I have a few kids, I do have the dried on food that always seems to make it on to my floors through out the day. I flipped the mop on its side and tried out the scrubbing pad to see if it really worked and how much effort it would take. Amazingly it worked very well and with very little effort.

The next test was my bathroom. My husband loves to use his beard trimmer in there and just loves to leave the hair all over the place for me to clean up. It never fails that no matter how much I sweep the floors prior to mopping there is always some hair left on the floor. No previous mop has every been effective in getting that hair up. The Swiffer Wetjet mop worked wonders in my bathroom, not only was my floor clean but the mopping pad had picked up all the left behind hair that the broom did not get up.

The cleaning solution that comes in the box is that standard original scent. While it gives a nice clean smell that I like, my husband says it has a medicine sterile smell to it that reminds him of hospitals. So on the solution I guess it on personal preference for smell. The replacement bottles that you can purchase offer different scents. I purchase the solutions that contain Febreeze in them and my husband prefers those over the one that came in the starter kit.

Durabiltiy is great as well. I have kids and my youngest is two and he is facinated with this new mop. He has in my words "attacked" it several times. The mop holds up to all that he has done to it so far, such as throw it, drop it and even jumped on it a time or two.

Replacement pads can be purchased for a around $10 for 12 pads and one pad will clean two good sized rooms before having to be thrown away. The solution runs around $5 dollars.