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The Tale Of The Coach Handbags

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By ladychai on
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The picture depicted on this review is actually a fake coach bag, I haven't had a pic for my authentic one.

How do I know it is a fake?

There are actually tell-tale signs. Coach is very meticulous when it comes to their products an I salute them for that. Of course they should be very meticulous, it is their name they are protecting here and mind you coach handbags does not come in affordable price.

There are certain infomation we can use to determine if the product we just bought is a legit coach or not.

Although this product was a gift from my aunt and I am very happy to have received this and I love using this bag very much, I just felt for my aunt because she did not know that the product was in fact fake and it cost her more than it should because she thought she was buying the real deal.

So, how does one determine if the coach they just bought is original?

Here is how. Take a look at the picture and you'll see that the coach insigna the paired C is not aligned in the center of the bag. The bag handles are also way off. To the untrained eye, this will not be noticed. But if you care too much with the money that you invested for a coach bag, you will make sure that what you have is in fact authentic.

Although the bag has the insigna outside it and inside is just plain, I have noticed that the lining and the seam is not straight. It was crookedly sewn, another sign of a fake coach bag.

Another thing, every coach bag has a history. You will know this through a label inside the bag. Below the encryption, there should be a series of numbers and letters which provides the information about when the bag was created and it's item number. This code actually helps the seller of the coach bag know whether the bag is authentic. My coach bag does not have the serial number.

One thing I like about the coach bag is the quality and how they made sure that you can really brag about your bag knowing that what you have is original. There maybe many fakes out there and but you can be sure that your coach bag is not because you can distinguish the real ones from the fake ones. Isn't that nice?I wish we can do the same with the people around us, which ones are worthy to be a friend and which ones are not.