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The Task Force Electric Chipper Makes Mulch

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Rather than send my leaves and twigs to the landfill each fall and pay for fresh garden mulch each spring, I decided to grind up my own leaves and twigs into garden mulch since I have plenty of both. I hunted around for an affordable chipper, and I found the Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper at Lowe's for $159.

The Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper is easy to operate. A provided heavy plastic bag hooks up on the bottom of the chipper to catch the mulch. Plug the chipper in, press the button, and you're ready to begin grinding up the yard waste. A plastic pusher is provided to keep your fingers safely away from the grinding blades and bouncing sticks, and rubber flaps cover the opening to keep the debris contained within the grinder. You still want to wear safety glasses when operating the Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper though because chips do come flying out when you're trying to push more stuff in.

Although the Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper claims it can grind up sticks as thick as 1-3/8" in diameter, I find the chipper really struggles to grind up green wood when it's thicker than my index finger. The chipper does much better with dry wood that snaps easily. The steel blades dull after only a few hours of use, and I use a bench grinder to sharpen them. The bolts that hold the blade assembly in place will loosen significantly from the vibrations if you're trying to grind up hard woods such as wild cherry, so the blade assembly needs to be checked after every few hours of use to make certain that the bolts that secure the blades and housing are still tight. The Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper does a great job at mulching up dead leaves when the blades are sharp, but the outlet area frequently clogs up whenever I'm grinding up leaves, so I have to stop about once per bagful to clean out the chipper before starting the next pile of leaves.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Task Force 15-amp Electric Chipper for small mulching jobs, but I would not recommend this chipper for any sticks thicker than a finger. The motor is just not powerful enough, especially when the blades start to dull.