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The Terminal On Dvd

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The Terminal is a cute and funny movie starring Tom Hanks as a man who is forced to live in an airport terminal. While Hanks is travelling from his home country into the United States, his country ceases to exist. So, when he lands, he is unable to enter the U.S. because he is "a man without a country". He is forced to try to make do with freebies in the food court (crackers, jam) and living in the terminal. Supposedly this is based on a true story, as this may have really happened to someone. Hank makes friends with some of the workers (Janitor, etc), figures ways to earn money (return the luggage carts for the refundable deposit or get paid to work on construction). He also meets Catherine Zeta Jones' character, who is a flight attendant and soon becomes his love interest. I thought this was a very good movie. Hanks does a great job with the acting and I forgot at points it was him and not Victor Navorski, the character he played. It was amazing how many things they could find to do in the airport terminal, both things in order to live and things to amuse himself. I felt bad for him but also admired him for being able to patiently wait for a resolution. He was continually trying to legally find a way to enter the U.S. by filling out forms that never seemed to come to fruition. One of the things I really enjoyed was learning the reason he wanted to enter the U.S. so badly. This was a very enjoyable movie that I think hasn't gotten the reputation it deserves.