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The Terminator 1984

Reviewing: Gale Ann Hurd The Terminator (1984)  |  Rating:
By Shafi Choudhury on
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I am writing this review about the movie 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'. I hope you enjoy this review as well as making a decision of buying the film if you think it will be good for you.

Here I will write about different sections explaning the movie including:

Movie genre

Brief plot of the story

Cast and characters

What I liked/disliked and why?

What is my opinion of the movie overall?

Will I recommend the movie to others?

Movie Genre

Action, science-fiction

Brief plot of the story----

The story begins with a ten year leap after the events of the previous film, The Terminator, when Sarah Connor and her 10 year old son along with a protector from the future who try preventing the machines from taking over the world and the humans.

However, John's life is at stake again when T-1000 is after him. Will John survive along with his mother? Will machines actually take over the world? Lets watch the movie to find out!

Cast and characters

Arnold Schwarznegger as The Terminator

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Edward Furlong as John Connor

Robbery Patrick as T-1000

And many more...

What I liked/disliked

I remember watching this movie a long time ago and I must say that I enjoyed every single bit. I sat down throughout the whole movie not removing my eyes away from the screen as there was enough excitement to keep me awake! I think the best scene of the movie was when Sarah, John and The Terminator had entered the lab with Dyson, trying to keep quiet as possible from the police.

I really enjoyed the movie and there was not one single bit which I hated.

However, watching it over and over again does start getting boring. It came before yesterday and I watched a little and couldn't be bothered anymore because I knew what happens. But if you haven't watched the movie, I advise you to check this out because you will not be disappointed!

What is my opinion of the movie overall?

Like I had said, the movie is excellent! There is not a single moment which bored me. You will be sitting on your couch, watching the movie without a blink. If you buy this, you will not regret your choice!

Will I recommend it to others?

Of course! You cannot miss this film. If you ever have done, you are very unlucky. Watch it now and you will love it! I guarantee you! I hope the review has given you enough information about the movie and hopefully, you will not be disappointed!

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