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The Toxic Avenger 2

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Toxic avenger 2 takes place in a town called Tromaville where the Toxic Avenger(the wierdest superhero i've ever seen)keeps evil off the streets. An evil corporation tries to lure him away from Tromaville by lieing to him about where his long lost father is in order to take control of Tromaville.

The Cheesy Song Introduction:

The beginning of the movie allows you the opportunity to listen to a song that tells you how Melvin became the Toxic Avenger from the first movie.

First Impression:

The Toxic Avenger 2 was the first Toxic Avenger Movie I saw. When I first watched it I thought it was so funny. At the beginning of the movie he finds himself taking on all kinds of wierd characters including a hilarious midget that everybody I knew got a kick out of watching. The toxic avenger has funny ways of finishing off his foes and reminds me of the lunnytoons cartoon.

Funny and Crazy Notes About the Toxic Avenger:

He uses a mop as his primary weapon.

He sprinkles draino on the food he eats.

He lives in a Toxic Waste Dump.

My Favorite Scenes In the Movie:

I liked the movie the best mid-way through it as there is a vast environment and surroundings with interesting activities as well as some funny fight scenes going on.

Favorite Part of the Movie:

He faces off in a showdown far from home against somebody who cause himself the Big Cheese. The fight ends in a stupid and hilarious way.


When going to the last stages of the movie I thought it was boring. The final bad guy specificly made the last stages of the film not as good. I felt the enemy didn't have good chemistry with the film. Its almost like they took a bad guy from another film and just put him this movie. The bad guy did not have a build up in the film whatsoever and just appeared out of no where towards the end.They could have done a better job coming up with an enemy.

The Acting:

Compared to the other Toxic Avenger films(they go up to part 4)the acting is not as bad but still is not that good but this is a Troma Film so good acting is hard to come by, lol.


Compared to the other Toxic Avenger Films I've seen the movie overall is good but the last stages of the movie is a turn off. Don't expect anything really good as you won't get it from Troma Films, lol.I'm lucky I got to watch a Troma Film this good because most of their films are garbage. I bought this on VHS tape years back but last time I looked you can stream the Toxic Avenger 2 to your computer if your a Netflix subscriber.