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The Truman Show 1998

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Truman Burbank considers himself an ordinary man who lives an ordinary life. He has a wife, a job, friends and neighbors - like everybody else. Generally speaking, he is quite happy with his life, he just wants to see more of the world some time. However, every time he attempts to travel away from his hometown, something happens to thwart it. Other strange occurences lead Truman to suspect that something is wrong: someone is trying to control him. He does what he can to investigate and eventually finds out that his whole life has been fake, since his very birth, when he was chosen for the greatest reality show ever - The Truman Show. His peaceful town of Seahaven is actually a big movie set packed with hidden cameras that broadcast his every step to millions, and all the people in is life - parents, wife, friends, - are paid actors.

Jim Carrey is excellent as Truman; in fact, I would say this is one of his very best roles. Those who expect a typical, over-the-top Jim Carrey comedy probably will be disappointed: he gives quite a different - superior - performance here. The movie itself is much more than comedy, too. The concept of reality TV going so far as to steals somene's very life, from birth, and turn it into a show is plain scary.

This DVD includes a two-part documentary about the making of the movie, four deleted scenes, photo gallery, and two trailers - not much, really, for a special collector's edition, but the documentary is rather interesting.