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The Truth About Umbro Deo Anti Perspirant But Not A Good One

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Good Umbro Spray Antiperspirant Body

I was given a small can of this UMBRO deo anti-perspirant, and thinking it was a lovely gesture, I kept it for special occasions. It went into my "night-out bag". I must admit that I had forgotten about it for quite a while. When I eventually got around to using it, I was rather disappointed. I was hoping for something special, but this turned out to be something pretty standard. Perhaps I was expecting more from something carrying this name, but it 's only a can of body spray, not a luxury item like an expensive pair of designer football boots.

The body spray came in an aerosol, holding 150ml, or 5 fluid ounces, and the can is only five inches in length, therefore it does not take up much room. Because of the size of the can, I thought it would be perfect for nights out, something different, to use for special occasions. This body spray is "double-action" meaning it is a deodorant, as well as having a cooling effect on the skin. I can quite agree with the cooling part, it certainly cools you down, but this is only a temporary effect of course. As for the deodorant part, I found it to be fairly effective, however there was a strange "Musky" odor about it. Some people may even like this smell, but I personally think it is a stale pungent odor.

I am not a great lover of aerosols, in fact I think there is no need for them. This product could be marketed in a trigger-bottle.. I am sure this is the way products like this will be sold in the future. I do have to say though, the can was still pressurized after over a year of storage! I have only just emptied it, and feel justified in giving my opinion on the product.

As with any aerosol, you should shake well before use, and take simple precautions with it. You should never place the can in full sun, and never incinerate, even when empty. I would also keep any aerosol away from small children. The propellant in these cans is extremely flammable, so keep away from sources of ignition.

In conclusion, I am afraid I can not recommend this UMBRO deo anti-perspirant, even though it was a gift. I appreciate that Umbro is a very well-respected company, but this product may be one that should not have their logo.