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The Ultimate Business Computer...For A Price

Reviewing: Ibm/Lenovo X60 Tablet  |  Rating:
By the_gpt_reviewer on
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Rock-solid, high-performance, cutting-edge; just a few of the words I'd use to describe my new IBM x60t Thinkpad. This is by far the best laptop I've ever owned in terms of build quality, specifications, and innovation. I can't recommend this PC highly enough.

First the build. This computer only weighs about 4 pounds, but every piece of it is strong. I feel like I could push and prod this thing for days with it ever giving an inch. That's important for particular laptop because it is a tablet, meaning the screen rotates on a single pivot point. Without a strong hinge the entire thing would break in half, yet I've never felt the least bit uncomfortable twisting the screen to my heart's content.

Secondly, this is the fastest PC, let alone laptop, I have ever used. My x60t has an Intel Core Duo with 2 gigs of RAM running Windows XP Tablet Edition. That's more than enough horsepower and it show. Better yet, it can be upgraded to 4 gigs of RAM and a faster chip. This computer isn't future proof, but I expect to be using it well past my 3 year warranty.

Finally, the x60t is incredibly innovative. I'm usually not a sucker for bells and whistles, but who can resist a fully rotating screen, a touchscreen that works with the included stylus or your finger, and a fingerprint reader for quick logins? I know I couldn't.

It's part laptop, part e-reader, and makes a great portable DVD player (if you have an external drive). The only possible hitch is the price, which usually pushes $2, 000. That said, you can find them at sub $1000 price points once and a while at the outlet store, so what ware you waiting for? Get shopping now!