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The Unborn Movie Very Predictable

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My friend recentely took me to the local movie theatre to see this movie. I had seen some previews for this movie so I knew what to expect. I must say that in my opinion the previews gave away almost all the scary parts of the movie. I was suprised that this movie was only rated PG13! It is suspenseful and a little scary, I am not dissappointed that I only paid the matinee price to see this movie. I would not go out and by the DVD or pay full price at the movies. For me this is one of those movies you see once and never watch again. The storyline was descent but was dragged out entirely to much toward the end. I was dissapointed that the movie was so usual and predictable. There was the good looking girl, Casey, who walked around her house with hardly any clothes on. Casey was played by Odette Yustman who I had never heard of. She reminds me of a tamer version of Megan Fox. Casey has the good looking boyfriend and best friend. There is an excorsism. Same old same old that I come to expect from horror movies. The one unique element of the movie and why I gave the movie a 3/5, was there is a back story about Nazi experiements on children which I thought did a good job of explaining the "Ghost/Demon".

Check out www.theunbornmovie.net for more movie infor. I must warn you the website is actually scarier than the movie.