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The Unexpectant Dragon

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I purchased this book for the book club I'm a member of after reading the little blurb about it in the catalog. The book is called The Unexpected Dragon and is actually three books in one.

The first book is titled "Pigs Don't Fly" and is about a young girl named Summerwho finds herself alone and with a magic ring that lets her communicate with animals as if they were human. During her travels she collects many traveling companions (mostly animals) a flying "Pig" and a blind knight. The endure many hardships with starvation and weather but in the end one thing is certain...The Pig is not a pig...The pig is a dragon and Summer falls in love with him.

The second book is titled "Master of Many Treasure". In the second book Summer is on a voyage to find her missing Dragon man and her one true love. She teams up with many new traveling companions during her travels. The ring still helps her communicate with her animal friends. Summer also gives birth to a Dragon Egg. She encounters many new obsticles in this second book but in the end she is reunited with her dragon man but all does not end happily ever after.

The third book is titled "Dragonne's eg". This book takes place many hundred years after Summers adventures. A young woman's uncle dies and leaves her his home and a special ring, small figureine and a "Dragons Egg". He also leaves her with a mission as his last request...return the Egg to the Dragons within a year. This starts a new adventure for Miss Sophy and her traveling companions. Returning the egg is not as easy as it may seem.

If you enjoy Romance and adventure then you will love this book. This book has everything in it. Unicorns, Magic Rings, mythical religious creatures, witches, talking animals, Flying pigs and of course DRAGONS.