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The Valkyries By Paolo Coelho

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I borrowed this book from my cousin. From the title of the book, you might think that this book is about Norse mythology. But this book is not at all about Norse mythology rather it is a book that gives us a glimpse of the author’s life. This book is an autobiographical account of some parts of the author’s life much like Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms. The difference is that Paolo Coelho actually used himself as the character and that some parts of the story are fictional.

I like this book mainly because of the mysticism and philosophical issues discussed and also because Paolo Coelho is one of my favourite authors. Once again, his brilliant writing style and method of storytelling made this book a must read for everyone. What I like most in this book is the fact that I was able to know a brief episode of Paolo Coelho’s past. If you are a Paolo Coelho fan, just like myself, and haven’t read this book then I suggest you do. The episodes of his life that he narrated in The Valkyries happened just after he finished writing The Alchemist. This book basically narrated the accounts of his journey that he went with his wife. In this book, he covered a lot of topics from religion to marriage to life in general. The story in itself is riveting and has a very climactic ending. The first few parts of the story might be boring to some but as you progress and as the story builds up, the excitement builds up too and you would want to know how Coelho’s journey ended.

For those who are interested in mysticism, then this is a must-read. For those who like a different kind of action one that is infused with mysticism, religion, and philosophy, then this book is also for you.