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The Video Game That Changed Everything.........

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Super Mario Bros. if ever there was a name to define gaming and all it stands for it is this game! Super Mario Bros set the standards for most games today and it may have not technically invented the platforming genre but it definitely perfected it. If you have never played the game before and decide to play it today it may seem basic and graphically bad but I bet you will be coming back for more once you’re done playing it!

The story goes that princess peach of the mushroom kingdom has been kidnapped by the evil koopa king Bowser! Most of the citizens of the mushroom kingdom are powerless little mushroom type people called toads so they don’t have a chance of saving the princess, so who will………..step forward the super Mario brothers! Player one plays as Mario, and a second player can also play by controlling Luigi once player one has had their go. Your goal is simple control Mario or Luigi and complete the level that lies ahead whilst avoiding traps, pits and minions set by Bowser.

Super Mario Bros. controls really well even today and especially compared to other Nintendo games at the time. Mario’s basic attack is his jump which he uses to jump on his enemy’s head to defeat them (well most of them some can’t be defeated by a standard jump) There are also power ups which Mario can find and use like the fire flower which grants Mario the ability to chuck fireballs at his enemies to defeat them there are other power ups as well but I won’t spoil the game by telling you all of them! The levels in super Mario Bros. may not have the best variation, but remember you are playing 20 year old game so you have to remember the technology limitations and everything. But once again if you were to compare the levels of super Mario Bros. and any other game released on the NES I know which ones you would prefer. Another great thing about super Mario Bros. is the music in the game, the main overworld theme you hear has become legendary and the official Mario Bros theme tune. The other tunes are brilliant as well the underground theme creates tension and suspense while the underwater theme is a nice gentle waltz kind of tune perfect for a water level!

All of these qualities add up and make this one of the best games on the NES and the only games that was to beat Mario Bros. was super Mario Bros 3 and legend of Zelda. Super Mario Bros defiantly changed gaming it proved it was for everyone and proved critics that gaming could become real popular. As I said before if you have never played the game before and suddenly decide to play it for the first time in this day and age, just remember you are playing a 20-year-old game but at the same time I’m sure you will appreciate this game and what it has done for gaming. If you’re still not convinced go and play another video game before super Mario Bros was released and then you will see what all the fuss is about!