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The Village Inn At Olympic Valley, Ca

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Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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We spent a weekend at The Village Inn at Olympic Valley, CA. Since this was first vacation since the birth of my son (18 months prior), I was pretty excited.

That excitement dwindled rapidly. First, this is really a ski resort, but during the summer months there are other activities, such as biking, hiking, fishing (nearby at Lake Tahoe), and the resort hosts a variety of festivals (an art festival was going on while we were there). My excitement dwindled because despite being in the mountains, it was 80 degrees (not the resorts fault), but the rooms do not have air conditioning, so our room was about 85 degrees inside. There were no screens on the doors to the patio, and the mosquitos were on the prowl, plus we were with a toddler, so we couldn't open the doors for air. There was one window in the bedroom, and a ceiling fan. However, that window overlooked the Irish pub that's open until around 11pm. In other words, leave the window open for air and you get to hear a bar (that is mostly outside). We closed the window and turned on the ceiling fan, but then discovered that you can't have the fan on without the light being on. I'm sorry, but that makes the fan useless!! Back to the open window and bar noise.

We discovered that there was a floor fan in the closet, so we plugged that in. It was loud enough to sort of drown out the bar noise, so that was a plus, but it unfortunately didn't really cool the room down much. It was supposed to get down to 39 degrees at night, but we slept with the fan on, the window open, and only a sheet...on a hard matress with really lumpy pillows!

I couldn't get hot water out of the shower, so I ended up taking a lukewarm shower, which was fine, since it was still boiling hot in our room. I hope they give you hot water in the winter!! The water pressure was good, so at least I can say that I approve of the bathroom.

The kitchen is a full one, with a fridge, oven, microwave, sink, etc. So far we haven't had any problems. The fridge is cooling our drinks and snacks, and it was easy to cook up some oatmeal for the baby's breakfast.

I'm really happy that we had the kitchen and brought some food with us, because the restaurants are expensive and not very good for the price. We paid $16 for a cobb salad that barely had any lettuce, had VERY dry chicken, but did have really good bacon. We were told we didn't need reservations, but then when we actually got to the restaurant, they said we'd have an hour wait without reservations, depsite there being at least 10 empty tables visible. We had to eat in the bar, and contend with mosquitos. Not terribly pleasant. For the rest of our meals, we either cooked in our room or drove to Tahoe!

The price of the room was $179 for a 1 bedroom with a king bed and a pull out sofa, with the kitchen. I'm sure that's a fantastic price for a ski resort in the winter, but somehow I think they charge even more during busy winter months.

Though the scenery was gorgeous, the price and accomodations weren't great. Would I go back? Yes to the area, no to the Village Inn.