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The Virgin Suicides

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I decided to pick up this book after reading SparkNotes' summary of it while bored one day. Even though most of it had been spoiled for me, I decided to read it just in case. It was almost a feeling that I needed to read it.

Jeffrey Eugenides has the best writing style I have ever read. Eugenides' writing is fluid, easy to understand, and is full of emotion. It's almost ethereal how Eugenides makes the narrators' thoughts and emotions flow as if you were one of them yourself. The writing and story have moments when they grip your by the insides, making you feel like

The novel as a whole is incredibly compelling. Even though I had most of it spoiled already, the summary did no justice to actually reading the text itself. The bittersweet story, the experience of being a teenager, the feeling of living your life are captures in an ethereal way in this text. I highly recommend this book and even after re-reading it, you will not be disappointed.