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The Vivi Cam 3785

Reviewing: Vivitar Vivi Cam 3785 Digital Camera  |  Rating:
By matildathehun on
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The ViviCam 3785 is, in many ways, a surprisingly good camera. It is an older model that won’t wow someone who needs the highest tech, but for a low-fi digital camera it does a pretty nice job. It’s a tough, well-made camera that would be a nice introduction to digital photography for the technologically disinclined.

The main strength of this camera is it’s durability. It’s made of lightweight sturdy plastic and doesn’t have any vulnerable areas other then the viewing screen. It’s the kind of camera that you could take to the beach without worrying about it getting sand in the buttons. It also has a remarkably better battery life then some fancier cameras I have used before.

For the most part, it is also a fairly intuitive camera. It is basically a point-and-shoot with a big button on the top that you can’t mistake for anything else. You could hand this camera to anyone and they would have it figured out in about five minutes. Having the flash button and the delete photo button be the same thing is the only really confusing part of the camera’s design. For someone who struggles with extra options on a camera (ie, the “just take a damn picture already!” crowd), this camera will be a breath of fresh air.

The problem comes in the same place that it comes in with all cheap cameras- the picture quality. If the area is not well lit, your camera will not do the best job capturing the image despite the camera’s surprisingly powerful flash. It’s also difficult to pull out or zoom in to a specific degree. You have to rely on the camera’s preset zoom instead of specifying your own, which can be very annoying. However, sacrificing image quality for a cheaper price tag is something that digital camera owners are well familiar with. To the camera’s credit, the pictures that it takes under ideal conditions are very nice and not grainy at all. I just wouldn’t use it if the sun was down.

In the end, this camera will not satisfy the serious digital photographer. However, it will be a nice mainstay for your trips to the beach or your eBay photos. It’s a nice, cheap little camera that will more then likely handle all of your basic photography very well. Just don’t expect Man Ray.