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The Walker For My Baby

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The story behind this walker is quite funny. Our baby is growing already. She does not want to stay in the stroller anymore. She wants to stand upright. Pressed for cash, we asked a friend if her 2 year old baby had a walker before and if we could borrow it. She said yes to both questions and so she lent it to us.

When she delivered the walker to us, lo and behold, it was this very nice walker from Safety First. My friend had to make me promise that I would watch over my baby carefully while using the walker because she learned from somewhere that walkers are not very safe for babies. But in my own belief, it will not be safe if you leave the baby alone without supervision. That is not the case with us. Additionally, her baby hated this walker--he felt like it was prison. But here is our story.

The very first time that we used the walker, I put on shoes on baby. Then we placed her in the walker. She loved it! The very moment we placed her there, she kept smiling. When her grandmother came in, she babbled and signalled for her grandma to come closer. Then she took her grandma's arms and guided it to the toys in front. Our baby loved this walker!

Anyway, the walker is brightly colored. The table where she can eat is colored oranged while the base is blue. On table are detachable toys theme like a jungle. The first toy is a purple dinosaur I think that lights up when pressed. The second is a palm tree with a rotating mirror. The third is another dinosaur that can be turned around and has cloth for fins, which my baby chews on. The fourth toy is a ball with beads inside that the baby can turn around as well. It is a fun walker with many things to do. Additionally, it has three height adjustments and so since our baby is only 6 months old, we put the height to the lowest and so she is able to reach the floor. Whenever she eats on bread, we remove the toys so she can use the table. It is so versatile.

We also bring this walker with us when we go to places that we have to stay for quite some time, like in church on at my parents' house. We just remove the toys so that they will not be damaged and the walker is easily folder in order to fit the back of our small car.

And in terms of safety, I think it is very safe. After all, it is designed by Safety First. As you can see in the picture, the base is very wide, so even if our baby is close to something, she could not easily reach dangerous items that she can put in her mouth because the base keeps her from getting too close. Unless of course the items are dangling over her head.

The walker is also very sturdy, so I am not afraid to put my baby there. Oh we love this walker! It is very helpful for us and my baby loves it! We are so thankful to have his on loan.