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I used to read the Wall Street Journal just about every day… Reading the Journal was one of my quiet pleasures… but it was a bit pricey and one day I just did not re-subscribe.

Fast forward a few (million - lol!) years…. My boyfriend really enjoys following the market. He uses a lot of tools, including Money Magazine, but will not put out the money to purchase himself a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Soooo come fathers day I purchase him a 26 week subscription for $40.

Now, I wish I could say that all went well… but it turns out that just subscribing does not mean that the paper will reach my door on a daily basis. It took almost 4 weeks to get our first issue, which turns out was a mistake (thankfully) as the delivery person had been delivering our paper somewhere for nearly 3 weeks.

Over the next 2 weeks with phone calls back and forth, we managed to receive 4 issues of the paper… Now my boyfriend was telling me to cancel the darn thing… and I really wanted the paper and was insistent that we just let them get it right, somehow! I ended up having them send it by mail… and now while the paper is not there before he goes to work in the morning, it is here every afternoon in the mailbox.

While this was a gift to him, I find myself enjoying the paper just as much as I used too. My favorite section is still the MarketPlace, a section that delves into different types of business practices. I reach for this section first, while Joe goes for the Money & Investing section, a section on… well, money and investing, including the closing stock prices from the night prior.

One of the features that I really like is the strip that runs down the length of the front page of each paper on the left. This strip is entitled “What’s News.” It gives a brief summary of all of the top news along with the articles page number. It takes me just 2 minutes to scan down the “What’s News” list. Inevitably even if I do not think I feel like reading the paper I will see something in this list that looks interesting… and for me, once the paper is cracked, I am into it for a good half hour.

The writing in the Wall Street Journal is very good. The articles are objective and generally well researched and thought out.

I have noticed that there is a bit more flavor in the Journal than what I was used to in the past… articles on everything from Santa Claus to “’Cane Fu’ Fighting”…. Interesting and fun… I like it!