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The Wanderers A Guy Flick

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The Wanderers, I feel, is definitely a guy flick. My husband gets a kick out of this movie, and I like the music, but that is about all.

The movie is about a gang of young guys, called The Wanderers, and the adventures they have in their Bronx neighborhood. It stars a very young Ken Wahl (who I really liked later on in the TV series "Wiseguy"), John Friedrich, Karen Allen and Toni Kalem. The movie is OK, it just isn't to my taste. I don't really get anything out of watching the shenanigans of a bunch of young guys who manage to stir up trouble whether they want to or not. The acting is good, though, and the music is the best part of the movie.

There are some special features, such as commentaries, subtitles and interactive menus. The movie is rated R and 117 minutes long.

If you like this type of movie, you will probably get a kick out of The Wanderers. I just didn't care for it much because I felt that it lacked a story behind it. It just deals with a gang of young guys carousing their Bronx neighborhood back in the 1960s, and their foibles with other gangs, girls, school, parents, etc. I guess I like movies that have more of a story to sink your teeth into.

The Wanderers is the type of movie to just sit back and watch, don't expect much of a plot.