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The Whole Truth

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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The Whole Truth is written by David Baldacci. David Baldacci writes political thrillers such as The Winner,

Absolute Power, and Saving Faith.

In his latest novel, The Whole Truth, Baldacci tells the story of several people who are either trying to start

a cold war or are trying to stop a cold war. Creel is the defense contractor who is trying to start a cold war. He feels we are better off with a cold wAr than having terrorists running the world. Enter a gun for hire by the name of Shaw and a female journalist named Katie as it becomes a nonstop race to see who wins this battle.

I enjoyed Baldacci's books in the the beginning. The Winner and Absolute Power were great books and than he started writing books that were a little to political for me. I could not stay interested in them. I feel, however, with this latest book he has gotten back to writing a book that is more of a thriller than a political thriller. This book kept my attention from start to finish. I liked it.