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The Wii: All It's Cracked Up To Be?

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By jakexxart on
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When nintendo first announced the realease of this new gaming system; I was bewildered by the complexity of this new form of console. There had never been a cheap, main-stream motion censored gaming console that I was aware of. After the initial shock, I was very excited for the arrival of this shiny new toy--but when it did, I found out that I was very off on the greatness of this contraption.

When I got the Wii, I was very happy to get it. I was anticipating the best out of it. I had even bought the new Legend of Zelda game and Wii Play to go along with it. I was happy with the Wii at first, having fun with the censor, but only after about twenty minutes of playing did it occur to me that the Wii wasn't very fun, it just had many bells and whistles.

It is fun to occasionally play, but the games for it aren't that great, the quality is only good, and it is directed at a younger audience. I assume it would be fun as a 10-year-old or younger, and to be a parent playing it with your kid, but other than that, it isn't that amazing as I thought it would be.

Don't get me wrong--I think Nintendo is fantastic, and they usually release perfect consoles and games, but the Wii didn't quite hit the benchmark this generation, ecspecially compared to the Xbox 360.

Hopefully they will realize that they need to update the graphics, and get better games for the next system, to follow the younger Nintendo owners, that are now the somewhat older and annoyed Wii owners. I'm happy that they released some fun games in 2008 (Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, Legend of Zelda), but most were old games that were just put from the N64 to the Wii (And some that shouldn't have been brought back...). It makes me sad to see the low scores for games on the Wii, and for its quality, so hopefully Nintendo will realize they need to bring it up a notch.