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The Wii Remote Needs Work

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Nintendo Wii Remote

At the cost of $40 for an incomplete remote, Nintendo is really putting consumers into unnecesary extra expenses since you also need batteries. Listen, I think the Wii remote and nunchuk need to be packaged together with a rechargeable battery - then it might be worth $60 total.

The Wii Remote has good reception, up to 30 feet from the sensor bar which picks up the commands and motions. Sadly, a lot of us were under the impression that Wii games really required a physical effort and it seemed almost like exercising but as you play, you notice the Wiimote is extremely sensitive and even the slighest motions or just quick flips of the control can get desires results, so you can cut corners. So it really isn't totally interactive.

I mean these days with Wiimotion plus, the interactivity is boosted more significantly however that's only for a select few games that are slowly coming out now, not for the massive amount that have already been released.

You've got a directional pad, A button, B button, a button to go to the Wii home screen, a plus and minus button to navigate back and forth through Wii channels, and a 1 and 2 button which serve different purposes depending on the game - but 1 and 2 seem too low on the Wii control.

It also comes with a protective plastic case which really bulks up the controller and protects it from damage if you didn't put on and tighten your wristband and it went flying out of your hand. So that's good to protect the investment because you really don't want to damage this controller or launch it into something you cherish in your house.

So the Wiimote is great but Nintendo stretched the truth on how interactive it really is as only some newer games require more precision and physical agility.