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The Wild Card: A Great No Contract Phone

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p_r_deltoid By p_r_deltoid on
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On my search for a non-contract, full QWERTY keyboard phone, I fell upon this device. My main objective in my quest to purchase a phone was the full keyboard, as I planned to text a lot, and did not like the conventional multiple letters per button set up.

The keyboard is large and works well with my large fingers. I can type fast, and almost every symbol is included on the keys, saving me from sifting through menus of symbols to find the ones I need.

A few cons about the product...

The lack of customizable ringtones (Listed as a feature, but the only usable ringtones are Virgin created, with no option for custom sounds.)

The screen on the front will remain on while the keyboard is out, although it turns white.

There are limited sound options (Cannot turn off the click sound for the camera, among others) The camera is of mediocre quality (1.3 megapixels, up to 1024x1280 resolution) Only contains digital zoom, which destroys the quality of photos

Speakerphone only works while the phone is flipped to the QWERTY keyboard.

The battery backing comes off, I use some electrical tape to secure the "screw" that seems to unwind itself. Blends well, but it's still fairly annoying they couldn't have come up with a better way to do it.

No SD card support, and bluetooth only supports microphone so you have to email or text your pictures off of the phone.

Some neutral points worth mentioning...

Fairly large profile (3.94" high x 1.97" width x .79" in depth), I enjoy it because it lets me know the phone is still in my pocket but it's fairly relative to the user.

The battery stays alive for quite a while, although I don't spend much of my time talking on the product. 7 hour day of constant texting, with the product on at all times, and the 4 bar battery notifier did not move.


Battery charges quickly, and Virgin prepaid service is very cheap.

Final Thoughts: I am happy with my purchase of this item, even if the custom ringtone limitations are a drag and the ability to transfer images is difficult.

Any specific requests for information or images of the phone can be private messaged to me. I will answer as promptly as I can.