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The Witcher

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By Steve Utter on
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The Witcher is a unique role playing game, that places you in a medieval world, know to the inhabitants as Vizima. In the witcher you will solve mysterys, fight monsters, and expirence the everyday life of Vizima such as the pubs, hookers, and busy cities.

The Witcher is an extremely fun Rpg, with a unique leveling system, many in game items, and the ability to reforge your "Witcher" swords. One made of silver for monsters, and one of steel for Humans. The Witcher will pull you in and keep you playing for hours. The orignal release day of the Witcher was in 2007, the game was well recieved by the public, but suffered extremely long load times and suffered lagging, and other performance issues. A new "Enhanced" version of the game was released this year and was equipped with a 80% load time increase and new missions, and skins for the people.

The game for some people still suffers lag, and gets worse the farther you getin the game because of the more characters walking the city, but overall if you can muscle a few slow downs and are a rpg fan this game is for you.