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The Wolf Man Movie: Not So Howling Scary

Reviewing: Universal Studios The Wolf Man Movie  |  Rating:
By Amanda Rinaldi on
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Benicio DelToro in The Wolf Man

I like to consider myself a Horror fan. I thrive on the gore and the thrill of the scare. When I rented The Wolf Man, the 2010 remake of the 1941 classic, I thought I was going to see a really great horror film.

Not so much. I have to admit, I really was not impressed with this movie, a shame since it had talented actors like Anthony Hopkins and Benicio DelToro.

The Wolf Man is set in England in the late 1800s, where horror has striken the hearts of Blackmoor who are terrorized by a killer werewolf. The overall mood of the story was very well set, containing the appropriate gloom and doom. The first glimpses of this killer werewolf is pretty terrifying, and did send me on the edge of my seat. I squirmed at the bloodbath that the werewolf left in his path and sympathised with the villagers over their lost loved ones. I was also fascinated as to the science of the werewolf and how it would transform. However, as the film progressed, once I really saw what the werewolf looked like, I was simply disappointed with the costuming.

This killer werewolf looked more like a Chewbacca in ripped clothing. The terror was sucked right out of me. Although the movie did contain a great story line and horrific gore, the actual monster itself really did nothing to scare me, and in effect, caused me to not take this movie seriously.

I would not recommend this movie to horror fans who really want a good scare. However if you are looking for a movie with an interesting storyline, this film is great to watch.