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The Women Of Batman

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We have owned this four-print limited edition set entitled "The Women of Batman" by Bruce Timm since it came out at the Warner Brothers Studio Store Gallery in 1996. Each of the four prints are matted and presented in one frame. Our daughters were big fans of the Warner Brothers/DC comics and movies of Batman and any characters involved with him. We took the 2 hour trip to Detroit several times a year to check out what was new at the Warner Brothers store which unfortunately is now closed.

Our four-print limited edition set is numbered 163/500, matted in black and glass framed in a semi-shiny black wood frame. Each print of the four women, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy measure 6" x 8" and the overall size of the frame measures 31.5" wide by 14.5" tall. It is signed by Bruce Timm and has the WB certificate of authenticity attached to the back of the frame stating that this was made exclusively for the Warner Brothers Studio Store Gallery.

We found the depictions of these four women by Bruce Timm so well done that they just seem to come to life as you gaze at them. These beautiful tough women always seemed to create mischief, mayhem and a little magic in Batman's life.

Batgirl: my personal favorite and usually depicted as the female counterpart of Batman.

Catwoman: as an opponent of Batman, she carries a whip and is depicted as a high stakes burglar. Was she Batman's real love?

Poison Ivy: oh so deadly, she uses her own bloodstream and the toxins in plants for her evil deeds.

Harley Quinn: sometimes friend and crime partner with Poison Ivy, she was also known to be a possible girlfriend to the Joker (crazy and out of her tree) she was also his accomplice at times.

Each print in itself would be a fantastic collectible but to have them all together under one frame makes this unique and one we wanted to add to our collection of prints in our family room. The colors are beautiful and have remained so after being in a room that get's quite a bit of sunshine. It does get moved around to different walls when we move furniture around but it's always there for us to enjoy.

We look forward to visiting Universal Studios along with Disney when visiting the Orlando area. Both have so many memorable fictional characters it's sometimes impossible to decide which collectible piece we want to bring home with us.