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The Works Toilet Cleaner Not As Good As Thick

Reviewing: The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner Regular Formula 16 Oz3  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Works Toilet Cleaner is the same chemical product as the Thick Formula, but it’s not thick, so it does not cling. Be aware of this if you buy.

It claims to remove rust, lime scale, and hard water stains. I would say it does a decent job at all of those. It claims to not harm septic systems. I’ve been using the thick formula for years, and our septic system seems to be fine.

The cap is a in the style of a shampoo cap where you press with a thumbnail on the back of a short spout that will then pop up from the cap. This means that you won’t lose the cap, but it also means that after the first use you will probably have some of the product get on your hand. You may not care for this.

There is no angle or pointed nozzle on the bottle. This product is not thick and does not cling to the sides of the bowl.

This version of The Works looks like it is cheaper than the Thick Formula. However, I paid $1.00 for 16 oz of this product, and $1.39 for 24 ounces of the thick formula. That makes the thin one 6.25 cents an ounce, and the thick one (better) 5.79 cents an ounce. So, don’t be shy about taking your calculator to the store.

The scent of the product is sort of alkaline and chemical.

After this, it’s like any cleaner, you brush, wait a few minutes and flush. The product sudzes up so you can’t see whether you are really getting all the grime brushed off below the water line. This is one of my pet peeves about toilet cleaners.

My vote goes to this product, but in the Thick Formula. Easier to use, and less messy to dispense. Also, at the prices I paid, a better value.