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The Worst Credit Union In The World

Reviewing: Hocking Valley Credit Union Checking  |  Rating:
chenault By chenault on
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Several Years ago when I was attending Ohio University, I needed a checking account, and I thought I would do business at the Hocking Valley Credit Union because it had several branches and they were open later than most banks on Fridays.

I had nothing but trouble with this credit union. Mysterious charges showed up on my account every month, and as they don't provide a paper statement to customers, you have to pay per page for a statement.

If you find a discrepency, be prepared for a fight. The associates who work at the Hocking Valley Credit Union are rude, deceptive and extremely unhelpful. Regardless of the situation, you will be in the wrong.

My issues stared with a five dollar error, the credit union claimed I had got five dollars cash back at a grocery store, which I did not. Why would I get cash back in such a small sum? I was a server at the time, so I always had cash. I tried to dispute this transaction, as I still had the clearly showed I did not get any cash back. I ended up saying [email protected]*! it, it was not worth the trouble to recover my five dollars.

Every month after that I had some charges I shouldn't have ranging from five to fifty dollars. When I would go into the credit union I would always be treated badly, and leave without results and angry.

It only took four months until I wised up and closed this account. This is the place to steer clear of, this rinky dink credit union is terrible and they will do whatever they can to keep your cash.

Update On Sep 14, 2008: An update, although I closed this account over 2 years ago, I recieved a new debit card in the mail on Friday, from this credit union. I called to ask why they sent me a debit card, and the representative I spoke to informed me that my debit card expired a few weeks ago. I asked her why that mattered as I closed the account years ago. She simply stated that is their policy... What a waste of materials!