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The Worst Laptop Ever!!!!

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Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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By far this is one of the worst and most expensive Laptops that I have ever used so far, and I am selling it right away, and still have no buyers. The Apple Imac is a huge rip off, and I really hope nobody is falling for Apples trick to buy this horrible laptop because it is definatly not worth it at all. The only decent thing that is good about the Imac is that it is really thin and light, and it's good on the go but that is the only thing that is good about it, and that's all. Now the bad thing about the Apple Imac is that it is hard and confusing to use unlock the other laptops you have to read the manual for five hours then use the computer for five minutes, then again read the manual for five hours and etc.

The other thing that I hat about the Imac is when it gets overheated it either turns off, or the computer starts freezing on you, so you can only keep it on for a couple of hours. The final thing that I dislike about the Imac is that it breaks quickly because if you drop it once you can forget about it because it breaks on you quickly and that really stinks.

Overall I really think that this is a horrible and rip off laptop, and I would definatly not get it at all.