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The Worst Phone Ever

Reviewing: Apple Iphone 3 G  |  Rating:
Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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Ok before I say anything I would like to say if you are planning on buying this phone please don't just keep your money in your pocket because this phone is absolutely not worth I because there are many glitches that it has and also it is just an extreme rip off to anyone that is getting this Iphone. I only had this phone for three months and I broke it right away, and I only dropped it once, that's how bad this phone is. If it were up to me I would get a Blackberry Bold, but since it was a present for me then I just say whatever.

Now after all the complaining I would like to talk about the problems with this phone. The first thing that I really disliked about this phone is that it breaks so quickly or even scratches so quickly. I only dropped this phone once as I said and the screen went all black on me, and I really think that this is horrible. The next thing that I dislike about this phone is the battery life, the reason that I hate the battery life is because it only lasts you about two maybe three hours, and that really stinks.

The other thing that is horrible about this phone is that you are getting ripped off by the company because you have to pay $200 for the phone $35 to activate it up to $60 a month for the plan, and $30 for the internet use, and I really think that this is a huge rip off and it is not worth it at all. The final thing that I dislike about this phone is the reception. I dislike the reception because if you are in the elevator or driving around somewhere in a little area the reception is just horrible, and I asked people around and they say its the phone not the company, so that really puts this phone down.

The only thing that I really liked about this phone is that it looked great, and the style of the phone was just spectacular, that's why I give this phone a rating of 2.5 not a 1.

Overall I still say that this phone is not worth it and I would not recommend it to anyone out there.