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The Wrong Guy Review

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Here is a different kind of movie that you may just enjoy. The Wrong Guy was created for a comedy film festival and won the award for Best Screenplay. It is not your typical Hollywood film with a Hollywood budget, special effects, and A-List actors, but it is a clever story filled with great puns and side-splitting physical comedy.

The Wrong Guy is the story of Nelson Hibbert, a simple middle-manager in the corporate food chain. When Nelson is passed over for a promotion that he believes he deserves, he makes no attempt to hide his anger and swears revenge on his boss. So when his boss is murdered later that afternoon, Nelson is terrified that he will be blamed, and goes on the run.

Things go comically wrong almost immediately, however. You see, Nelson, while on the run, inadvertadely follows the footsteps of the real killer. And so, everywhere he turns, he is "being chased" by cops, causing him to believe even more that he is the lead suspect for the murder. Meanwhile, the real killer notices that Nelson is always following him, and that the police are never far behind, so he believes that Nelson must be a detective, and determins to take him out!

This movie is (unfortunately) rated PG-13 for three blatant sexual references. While overall this is a clean comedy, these moments prevent this film from being family safe.

So if you are in the mood for something different, or if you and your buddies have a regular "Bad Movie Night", try The Wrong Guy on for size. I recommend it with a room full of friends. Laughter is contagious, and you will all end up having a good time.