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The Xbox 360

Reviewing: Microsoft Xbox 360 With 20gb Hard Drive  |  Rating:
By Joey Maze on
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The Xbox 360 I personally bought came with one white controller, the power cord, a 20gb hard drive, a lightweight corded headset, an hd/av cable, and a small 2 feet ethernet cord. With games such as Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and so much more, the Xbox 360 is one of the best multimedia devices out there today! It supports an Hdmi cord, up to 2 wired controllers, or 4 wireless. Controller styles and colours vary, as do the consoles themselves.

If you Purchase an Xbox 360, and have a stable internet connection, I recommend Xbox Live to everyone reading this. There are two types of memberships: Silver, which allows downloads, updates, messaging, 1 on 1 chats, and friends. A Gold membership, (which costs 4.94 a month, or 20.00 for three, or there is the 13 month for a mere 50.00 or so) Which you can have a trial for 1 month, after that it costs to use, grants access to parties (up to 8 people chatting together at once), online gaming, and other things such as: Twitter, Last.fm, Facebook, and Netflix!

There are a few problems with the Xbox 360 that should be addressed however. Due to a few manufacturing problems, your 360 may have the Fatal RROD failure, also known as the Red ring of death, or the E74 error, these are problems under which you are always covered by Microsoft, meaning that your Warrenty is not necessary if your Xbox is receiving these issues.

As a multimedia device, the Xbox 360 can view and play video, Music, pictures, and much more, including connecting directly to your media center enabled computer. If you are like me however, you may need to purchase a larger harddrive, I say this because I constantly download xbox live Marketplace content, which is a featurethat allows you to download and play games, demos, trials, gamer pictures, sweepstakes entries, trailers, and a ton more!

I woul also recommend the text keyboard for all your texting needs!

Just as a side note, if you would like to send me a friend request my Gamertag is Blithco